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Impending Doom.


Robert Kirkman


Charlie Adlard
Stefano Gaudiano
Cliff Rathburn

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Dinner and a movie. We all know how this ends up. Zombies at the cinema!

Why:  Walking Dead keeps laying good foundations for events to come

For what seems like forever, I always see Rick and his son, Carl, together.  That is one of the main stories that the Walking Dead started telling near the beginning.  A story about a desperate but courageous (and lucky) father and even luckier son trying to survive.  Even when they are apart, it is only for a brief day or two and they are back together again.  In this issue, Rick and Carl finally go there separate ways for what seems will be for awhile until they are reunited.  The sequence is done perfectly.  Adlard really knows how to draw emotion on characters’ faces.  In this particular sequence, it starts at the top with Rick looking back and then the page ends with Carl looking at Rick driving off in his horse and carriage.  It really made me feel like there will be great distance between the two.  Whether it’ll be more emotional than physical this time around is anyone’s guess.  At the end of the issue though, things are looking up for Carl so that is probably a bad thing.  Things will only get worse.

The story in this Walking Dead issue is well paced and well focused.  There were 10 sequences in the issue and none of them felt rushed or incomplete.  There weren’t any traditional comic book transitions – like the ones where the narration continues onto the next sequence – but the issue didn’t really need them.  Despite easy transitions like those, I feel like the story is progressing right along.  The issue stands up to its sub-title, “Impending Doom”.  I feel like something terrible is going to happen to some committee.  Or maybe all of them.  There is a festival coming up where all the communities participate.  That sounds like the perfect opportunity for stuff to go crazy!  I’m looking forward to it.

Two Things I Loved

  • I see a love triangle going on with Carl.  Oh oh.  Nothing ever turns out well with those.  His father, Rick, and him never have it easy.
  • Finally see how dangerous these Whisperers are.

Two Things I Hated

  • Did I miss something?  First off who’s Rosita?  Why is her having a secret baby who isn’t Eugene’s weird?  Guess I wasn’t ever interested in that romance plot.
  • No new developments with the visiting strangers.  Are they on the side of good or evil?  I’m dying to know!

Made to Order Quotes

“What would Jesus do?” – Jesus
“Only thing we have to fear … is fear itself.” – President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Rating: 4 out of 5 Nuts