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At the close of INFINITY, Thane discovered he was the son of Thanos and that his touch was death.  Now, accompanied by the constantly whispered advice of the Ebony Maw, he wants to discover his father’s history, and his own future.


Rob Williams


Iban Coello
Andres Mossa

Type of Comic / Genre

Superhero, Action, Mystery

Age Rating


Thane throwing a rock

Why:  Thanos doesn’t play a major part in this opening.

After the conclusion of the Infinity event, Thane is taken under Ebony Maw’s wing.  So I felt intrigued to know what’s going to happen next to him.  Will he become a power-hungry monger like his father?  How will he atone for his accidental slaughter of hundreds of inhumans?  This book slowly (and hopefully surely) answers all my questions.  Emphasis on the slowly in this issue.  There are only four sequences in this book.  That’s like a dollar a sequence.  And the story is pushed forward only by Ebony Maw.  All Thane did this issue was throw a rock.  Even with the slow pacing, none of the other supporting characters / aliens do much or show a lot of character.  There’s no conflict.  Maybe that’s the biggest issue with this issue.  It’s all protagonist.  It’s going to be hard for me to pick up the next issue.

Two Things I Loved

  • Marvel has some crazy ideas but the one at the end takes the cake.  Similar to the big giant skeleton creature / mine thing in Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Artwork is good.

Two Things I Hated

  • Slow pacing obviously.
  • Lot of high level talk about how great Thanos is but doesn’t show a while lot or say why.  Guess I have to pay another $4 to find out why.  Um no thanks?
  • It’s not good if the first panel you see if the head of the character whose name the book is about has the top of his head cut clean off the page

Made to Order Quotes

“Thanos: A God up there is listening to rap music.” – 1f

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