Great Expectations (None, Zip, Zero)

Let me just say that I’m NOT a top notch writer by any means.  Please don’t expect praise worthy material here or pulitzer prize winning content.  I’d be suprised if I could manage less than 3 grammatical errors or typos per article.

Expertise Is Somewhere Around Here

I am NOT a comic book expert.  I’ve been into comics since I was young but I wasn’t always reading them or learning about them throughout my years.  I hope to get my facts straight but if they’re a little crooked, feel free to correct me, and hopefully forgive me.  I’ll be doing the strikethrough thing with incorrect statements like I was Wolverine with one claw.

Reviews:  Must Focus My Mind

I’m all about timing.  Getting reviews for just released comics out there for people to read is a major priority.  If one review helps at least one person make a good buying decision the day they go to the store, I shall be happy.  Writing GOOD content will always be addressed though.  I hope to write things that not only I enjoy, but you enjoy as well.

Each review will be quick and to the point.  They will feature information on the writing (plot, characters, dialogue, narration) and art (pencil, ink, and coloring; shot angles, perspective).  I’m going to skip lettering because, well, I just don’t have the time for that.  I’ll try to hyperlink out to appropriate sources and additional information as much as I can.

I will try to write the articles with the least amount of spoilers or none at all if possible.

At the end of the review, will be a “Nut” rating:  1 Nut being “So bad that I wish I could take back the time I used to read the darn comic” and 10 Nuts being “So great that I’m going to read this a second and maybe third time!


Now go get to reading some of my reviews, comment, link, post on your favorite social network, print out, bash it at your local comic store, use as toilet paper… maybe not that last one… Enjoy!

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