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So the mysterious hooded lady that appeared in the #1’s is mysteriously absent from the first batch of #2’s.  I’ve checked every panel and every ink.  She’s gone!

Where is red hooded woman?

My theory is that she’s visiting Earth 2.  Yeah, you heard me correctly.  Apparently, DC has decided to still go along with their multiple dimensions/multiverse meta-story.  Eddie Berganza eludes to this in the DC Comics “All Access” editorial at the back of the #2’s when talking about the new Justice Society books.  Why would they do that to us?  After putting forth all the effort to consolidate everything into one universe, The New 52, they want to go ahead and split it back up.  That makes absolutely no sense to a new reader.

Bear with them – It’s for the better

DigitalSpy has a great article on this split.  DC decided to do this because Justice Society was still popular and there was no way to fit their stories in the New 52 universe.  In the New 52 world, super heroes only appeared recently.  But Justice Society has members who date back to before World World II.  So in fittingly make-up-as-you-go-along style, they decided to bring back Earth 2.

I just hope they keep the two worlds completely separate with no overlap of characters AT ALL!  Huntress, Helena, can just be a daughter of some random parents and not Batman and Catwoman.

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  1. I actually found the mysterious red hooded woman in Batman #2 watching the owl assassin crash onto the red car in the panel in the center of the page toward the end of the book.

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