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FEMA stands for salvation, or at least it does when all is lost for Ellen Grace. But is there a safe haven left in Phoenix or anywhere for that matter?


Tim Daniel


Mehdi Cheggour
Matthew Meylikhov

Type of Comic / Genre

Action, Mystery, Horror

Age Rating


Enormous escape

Why are you running away from me? I just want to say hello. With my sharp teeth and claws.

Why:  Enormous is your comic book version of The Mist

The Mist was a terrifying movie about monstrous creatures that come from another dimension.  These creatures run amuck and kill everything in their path.  This is the basic premise of Enormous.  I read some hype about this story so I only jumped on with issue #4.  I don’t have any knowledge of who these characters, who running through the battlefield and trying to survive, are or where they came from or what are their relationships.  This issue did not bring me closer answering those questions.  It’s filled with gorgeous pictures of monsters and great run-down and demolished urban environments.  So I give the artwork an A+.  However the story, plot, and characterization has a lot of room for improvement.  Actually, there are times when the art looked weird too.  The daughter for instance has a weird elongated torso in one large panel.  Overall, it was an okay read but I’m on the fence if I would recommend it to everyone.

Two Things I Loved

  • Production value for Enormous is nice.  Great artwork and use of colors.  The scenes stand out and each panel could be its own art showcase.
  • I really feel the sense of dread and pressure to survive in this world of giant monsters.

Two Things I Hated

  • The page layout of Enormous and pacing sometimes is glaring.  There are no dramatic pauses or smaller focus panels.  There are large panels of artwork but what’s being said across the page is mediocre at times.
  • Besides that one art inconsistency that I described above, I found the facial and eye expressions a little weak.  The character’ faces sometimes feel flat so I think Cheggour could use more wrinkling or adjustments of the skin to exaggerate the expressions somewhat.

Made to Order Quotes

“Don’t watch or read The Mist if you don’t want to get spoiled for Enormous.” – 1f

Rating:  Enormous gets 3 out of 5 Nuts