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The DCU’s deadliest assassin stars in his own ongoing series by writer/artist Tony S. Daniel! See him as never before in this explosive new series, with one surprise after another as we see Slade Wilson in the fight of his life!


Tony S. Daniel


Tony S. Daniel
Sandu Florea
Tomeu Morey

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Deathstroke doing what he does best

Deathstroke doing what he does best

Why:  No one likes raising the body count more than Deathstroke

If you like great action packed art and like your action bloody and a little gross, this is the comic for you.  I think I counted a dozen decapitations.  It’s like the super hero version of Game of Thrones.

Unlike the last run of Deathstroke, this issue does not focus on the support that Deathstroke has.  I think that’s a good thing because even without his supporting teammates, he can survive.  He’s a cool badass ninja character who will past the test of time.  He’s on par or even greater than other ninja characters like Ninjak, Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, and dare I say, Deadpool.

The artwork is great too.  I’ve been a fan of Tony Daniel’s art since he drew Spawn: Blood Feud.  His skill has grown and he’s always surprises me with some elaborate panels and large splash pages.  If there is one thing that I could see a couple more full-body and far away shots.  A lof of the panels are close up and may sometimes confuse a reader if they aren’t following the action or setups close enough.

Lastly, the story twist at the end is unreal.  Maybe welcomed.  I guess I’ll talk about it in the next issue’s review.  Which means that honestly; I’ll pick up more of these.

Two Things I Loved

  • The art is to die for.  Deathstroke will gladly do the deed.
  • This issue shows that even though Deathstroke has an outrageous ability to quickly heal, he is not invincible.

Two Things I Hated

  • A lot of time setting up who Deathstroke is.  Done through Deathstroke’s inner monologue of all things.
  • Not much plot in this first issue.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 Nuts