I just got the first wave of the New 52’s today! I’m really excited to start reading them. I hope to publish my thoughts and reviews in a timely fashion. Maybe one or a couple issues every day or other day or so or whenever I feel like it 🙂 Here’s a quick pic of the collection including last week’s Justice League which seems to be getting quite a number of good reviews even from veteran comic experts. (NerdBastards, Captain Bloggington, and The Ranting Dragon).

It also sold out its first and second run already. Amazing!


5 thoughts on “DC New 52 Comics

  1. Hey, man. I just came across your site while looking at some Google tools for Captain Bloggington’s and saw that you’d linked to us (Thanks for that, by the way. I really appreciate it.).

    I’ve been looking through some of your posts here on the site, and I’m digging it. From one comic blogger to another, keep up the good work, good luck fitting it all in (I understand how hard it is to keep up with work, family, and a consistent blog.), and, perhaps most importantly, welcome back to the world of mainstream American comics, as strange and frustrating as it may be sometimes.

  2. @Wade Christian

    Thanks for your comments and best wishes, Wade. I really appreciate your thoughts especially coming from another comic book blogger.

    When I think “strange”, I think about Frankenstein and Animal Man now. When I think “frustrating”, I think of Hawk and Dove.

  3. @1f
    Man, don’t even get me started on Hawk and Dove. I’m not sure how Rob Liefeld continues to get work. And Sterling Gates has written some legitimately good stuff, so I have no idea what happened there.

    Focusing more on the positive, though, what have been your favorites out of the New 52 so far?

  4. Everything else! Haha. Seriously though, not many of the comics have disappointed me. I’m really digging the new Catwoman, even though she’s a slut. The cliffhanger at the end of the second issue has me concerned for her. I also really like Action Comics, Justice League, Animal Man, Demon Knights, Detective Comics, Teen Titans, Red Hood and the Outlaws, All Star Western, and OMAC to name a few.

  5. @1f
    I agree about Catwoman. The sexuality of it might not be portrayed the best, but the whole “female James Bond” vibe is interesting to me, at least at this point.

    I have to say that Batman, Action Comics, and Wonder Woman are my favorites, hands down. I, Vampire and Demon Knights are pretty great thus far, too.

    I didn’t read Teen Titans or OMAC, but I didn’t have a problem with most of the rest of the ones you mentioned, except Red Hood and the Outlaws. I hear issue 2 was substantially better, but they lost me after the first one.

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