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Five realms. Five princesses. Zero men.

As the remaining ladies turn on Bethany following the reveal of the men’s final wish, the princess finds herself alone in the Five Realms with everyone out to murder her. Yet, not all citizens—and rulers—of the Five believe in following the pleas of a dying gender, as she will discover. However, first, she must find a way to escape Crossman’s Hall before Barra’s soldiers can end her reign—and her life!


Vince Hernandez


Mirka Andolfo
Simone Di Meo

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Horse is toast

Let go of the pretty horse, I mean, unicorn thing!

Why:  Damsels in Excess keeps delivering the goods on story and character.

After reading these first two issues of Damsels in Excess I noticed something.  The tale falls into a pattern or rhythm if you will with its style of story telling.  Almost like if you are sitting at a campfire.  There’s the main storyline plot and then flashbacks and back story and then more main storyline plot and so forth.  This is a good thing because the comic book manages to move the reader through plot A, plot B, and these multiple flashbacks of the damsels.  at a good pace.  The flashbacks portray good information that enhances the main plot.  The only slow parts are the ones with the dialogue with the Queen but those are moments where the reader can catch their breath.  Again, the manga art is great and unlike Japanese manga is colored to good effect!

Three Things I Loved

  • The stakes are raised.
  • Colors are superb.
  • Adds more relationship dynamics while displaying character traits.

Two Things I Hated

  • Can’t find anything.
  • Advertisements I guess.

Made to Order Quotes

“Lira, the sea goddess, and Aspen Comics version of Aquaman’s Mera.” – 1f

Rating: 5 out of 5 Nuts