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For the Rhodes family, losing their son was the most devastating thing that could’ve ever occurred… but it couldn’t prepare them for what happened when he returned.


Joshua Williamson


Andrei Bressan
Adriano Lucas

Type of Comic / Genre

Adventure, Mystery

Age Rating


Brennan bullies back a bully

Brennan, a brother in Birthright, bullies back a bully.

Why:  Well paced family and fantasy story with great artwork in Birthright

Reminds me of the never-ending story which is a good thing.  Joshua Williamson writes an epic opening with equal parts fantasy and reality.  The story focuses a lot on the family and how their relationships change from losing their son.  Short issue but great character arc.  Did I mention that the artwork is nice.  Adriano Lucas, did an amazing job on the colors.  They make the artwork pop out and look 3D.  Andrei Bressan does an equally amazing job on the linework too.  There are appropriate rough spots.  However, I found a few panels where the faces of some of the characters don’t look the same as other panels.  The consistency will only get better as the artist gets more used to drawing these people.  The creatures look fantastical too even though they’re you’re typical orcs, elves, and such.

Two Things I Loved

  • Story and character dynamics. Feel for the family’s plight.
  • Artwork.

Three Things I Hated

  • Unbelievable just a little bit. Cops wouldn’t bring the family that early on into the investigation.
  • Dreading the wait until the next issue.
  • Faces sometimes don’t match up in different panels.

Made to Order Quotes

“Conan the adventurer… Family man.”
“Between this and rat queens, high fantasy comic books just got way better. Forget the wow comics.  Read Birthright!”

Should You Read Birthright #1