Avengers and Xmen Axis #1 cover



The Red Skull has taken over Genosha and stands poised to plunge the planet into World War Hate! The Avengers and X-Men must team-up with each other and some of their greatest foes, but along the way, Inversion changes everything.


Rick Remender


Adam Kubert

Type of Comic / Genre

Superhero, Action, Humor

Age Rating


Avengers and Xmen Axis #1 inside img

Why:  Because Axis has a ton of cool Marvel characters

This one can be hit or miss.  There’s a lot of fighting and funny dialogue.  However, it just feels like fan service most of the time.  The main plot is just the heroes taking on one major villain, Red Onslaught.  There’s a lot of back story that is filled and the intro took a long time to get up to Red Onslaught.  It probably has all your favorite X-Men and Avengers though.

Two Things I Loved

  • Artwork is compelling and shows off a lot of characters.
  • Loads of action even though it’s mostly cheesy fighting.

Two Things I Hated

  • Why does every character need to say something funny. When they all try to be funny, none of them are.
  • There doesn’t needed to be a dialogue or narrative on each panel. Simple grunts, SFX, or silence during action sequences is just fine.

Made to Order Quotes

“Iron Man is the Batman of the Marvel Universe.  He knows everyone’s weaknesses.  Next issue his back will be broken by Red Onslaught.” – 1f

“A face like the Red Skull; only a mother could love.” – 1f

Should You Read Axis #1